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Mobile First organisations create business processes and applications with the mobile device in mind first. An important aspect of thinking Mobile First is to ensure content is available and secure so that end users can do their jobs with the device of their choice and the experience they expect.

Who Can Benefit From AusComply Solutions?

Do you manage staff compliance at any of these venues?

(RSA’s, training records, first aid certificates, security licences and accreditations)

If yes to any or all then AusComply can save you time, money and improve your compliance.

  • Licensed venue


  • security guard


  • Event Holders


  • Bottle Shop


  • Licensed Restaurant


The benefits are clear

Auscomply benefits are simple

Did You Know?

Liquor and Gaming NSW has now approved the option for venues to replace their paper based Incident Registers with Electronic Incident Registers.
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Available Solutions

AusComply are the only provider of truly mobile venue & security compliance. We understand the complex and changing nature of legislation, the venue, security and RSA issues that occur and often impact staff and patrons alike. Not only do we provide an Electronic Incident Register but we also help you to track and manage your other legislated compliance documents and expiry dates. (RSA, security licenses, training certificates, first aids etc)

Exceptional compliance tools for your business

  • Real-time

    Real Time Compliance or RTC is an emerging trend that utilises systems to effectively alert a security company or licensed venue to possible non-compliance "triggers" even as the event occurs.

  • Increased

    By linking complex government legislation and regulation to our mobile first solution, our client's users can instantly and accurately record incidents within minutes of them occurring and submit for managerial review and approval.

  • Improved

    Incident data from previous and current reporting periods is instantly and securely visible to management and users whether they are on-site, in the office or away from work – in fact from any web enabled device.

  • Business

    Increased Control – through intelligence gathering and sharing. By enhancing previously stored incident data, including names, date, times, places and photographs as well as analytics; venues can achieve RTC and shift the compliance conversation to more timely, accurate and actionable outcomes.

  • Valuable

    Imagine being able to access and data-mine historical or current incident data from any device at any time. With AusComply, you can do this and much more!

  • Peace of

    Peace of Mind is obtainable, through digitisation, automation and access to your securely hosted information. Your Peace of Mind will ensure your client’s Peace of Mind.


Compliance... where you need it, when you need it.

Available on all devices

AusComply, the innovator in mobile compliance.

We provide our clients with an efficient and easy to use solution to save you time, effort and cost as well as significantly reducing your risk profile
– all within minutes of signing up!

For clients wanting an 'end to end' solution, we also provide on-site consultation. Call 1300 2 comply to discuss these services and 24x7 technical support.
Online training sessions coming soon.

About Us

AusComply is 100% Australian owned and operated. We are based in Sydney, Australia and offer our clients access to compliance consulting services in addition to our innovative yet easy to use mobile compliance solution. AusComply is a specialist provider of mobile venue compliance for small, medium, large and enterprise sized customers.

Our mobile compliance solution is a cloud based solution, securely hosted in an Australian data centre and easily and safely accessible from your mobile or computing device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Product Support

  • FAQs and troubleshooters

    a. Firstly an individual account must be created before a venue or MLH account can be created.
    b. Individual user accounts are free. This includes venue and security staff.

    a. No! AusComply’s mobile first compliance solution satisfies both NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing (Liquor and Gaming NSW) and NSW Government Security Licensing Enforcement Directorate’s (SLED) Electronic Incident Register (EIR) requirements.
    b. This applies to the Kings Cross and Sydney CBD precincts and, in fact, all other venues across NSW.

    a. Yes. AusComply’s solution is not an "app" but a cloud based solution, which means it’s available across all web enabled devices, e.g. smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops via any Wi-Fi and or mobile carrier networks.

    a. Very little. Licensed premises, (including special events, packaged goods, restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels) and Master Security Licensed holders (MLH) can all utilise AusComply’s solution via a paid subscription service. Your compliance for a little more than the cost of a schooner of beer a day!

    a. AusComply's solution is SSL encrypted, hosted in an Australian data centre and protected by state of the art firewalls, back-up systems and redundancy measures. There are also security features built into the mobile solution, which we will discuss with you after on-boarding.

    a. Simply call 1300 2 COMPLY. (1300 226 675) You’ll speak with an Australian staff member who can help you with your query or,
    b. Complete the “contact us” form on our website or,
    c. Email us at with your question.
  • Questions about this application

    The AusComply sales team is here to help. Call us on 1300 2 COMPLY or send us an email at

  • Things you need to know

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Rewarding our people

At AusComply we know our single biggest asset is our people - so we make sure that we hold on to the good ones, encourage and reward them, and give them opportunities to shine.

We value our people and respect them because we know they are:

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    Our people are proud of AusComply - the intent of our business. Our reputation and achievements - which they have earned by providing a positive and professional service to all our customers.

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    Experts in their field

    We have subject matter experts, and expert skill-sets across our industry, state legislation and information technology.

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    Always working to improve their skills and knowledge

    AusComply staff receive regular training, and continue to develop their skills and knowledge, ensuring we remain up to date, relevant and industry leaders.

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