I’ll never go back to manual incident registers. They’re a waste of time!

Paul Walker runs the iconic Palace Hotel in Sydney’s CBD. As a late-night venue in the lockout zone next to Chinatown, safety and compliance are top priorities. We tracked him down to ask how he handles compliance in the new world of changing laws and media scrutiny. In true ‘publican’ style, he didn’t hold back! Watch now.

“Security and compliance for our business is vital for anybody in the liquor industry these days. There’s been a lot of news about incidents in Kings Cross and what’s happened with the lockout laws. So we really had to focus on making sure that we run a safe venue.”

Safety and compliance is key

“Compliance obviously is the number one thing for us. It’s licence protection, it’s making sure we don’t incur any breaches with Liquor and Gaming, it’s keeping the licensing police onside. It’s probably the number one thing that we need to look after first, and then the profitability of the venue second.”

Why Palace Hotel went digital

A full-service venue offering food, beverage, gaming, functions and catering for late-night Capitol Theater-goers and loyal locals, Paul manages a large and diverse team of hospitality and security staff.

“[Printed] incident registers are not up to date, they’re so lagging in terms of being able to get any data out of them. They really are time consuming. They’re not accurate.”

“Maybe you’ve got a new employee that comes in, they’re not quite sure what they write in them, they’re worried about writing the wrong thing, or missing something out. It’s hard to get any output from it. It doesn’t tell you any statistics or data.”

“A digital platform like AusComply gives me data, and data’s key, right? So, I can make business decisions based on data. Another great thing is it’s live! I can check in at any time from home, away, on holidays… and see if there were any incidents from the night before.”

AusComply’s intuitive mobile app uses in-built checkboxes and template responses so staff can instantly record incidents such as refusals and removals, complete checklists like signage and inspections etc, and even record proactive tasks.

Proactivity meant fewer incidences from day one

“AusComply’s online register makes us proactive. So we’re checking things before a problem happens. I noticed straight away we had a reduction in incidences, so it’s actually really done wonders for the business. I couldn’t encourage it more.”

Photos and videos recorded in real time

“You can actually take photos and add them onto your report, which you can’t do with that old system. Staff and security find it easy to use on their phone, take data, snap it. So that when the police come in, we’ve got all this stuff ready for them. If they want to come in, hopefully they don’t have to!”

“And I can see it straight away. No matter where I am in the world, bang, I’ve got that instant data.”

“..it’s something every business should have”

“I’ve already recommended AusComply to other venues as something they should definitely look at. I don’t see any negative sides for venues taking this onboard. It’s more than cost-effective. It’s benefited the business. I honestly think it’s something every business should have.”

“I will never go back to the manual incident registers. They’re a waste of time, I get nothing from them, and they’re just a hazard to my business. So… never go back!”


If you have questions about AusComply or would like to tee up a free no-obligation demo, contact us on 1300 2 COMPLY (1300 22 66 75) or info@auscomply.com.au 

Palace Hotel granted first lockout exemption with service of alcohol

In 2019, Palace Hotel became the first venue to be granted an exemption from Sydney’s lockout laws to host a 3am rugby game with the service of alcohol. In their formal response, NSW Liquor & Gaming said they took into account the hotel’s proven track record of proactive compliance using AusComply’s digital incident register.


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