Fast and simple ID checks and patron check-ins

With an AusComply Premium subscription, using any smartphone or tablet, venues can replace their old out of date ID scanning technology with the latest and fastest way to welcome their patrons.

While traditional clunky manual systems can require bulky hardware that can take up to 30 seconds per patron, AusComply Premium reduces the ID check-in process consistently to just a few seconds. Drastically shorten queues without compromising venue security or patron safety, improve your patron experience and enjoy increased revenue by reducing waiting times at your door.

The result:

improved safety and compliance, reduced costs and happier patrons.

Next-level compliance with powerful facial recognition

Leveraging your existing IP-based CCTV system, AusComply Premium identifies known troublemakers with unmatched accuracy replacing outdated ID scanning technology to accelerate your check-in process and improve patron experience.

Stop troublemakers with shared smart lists

Integrating the power of facial recognition, AusComply Premium stops trouble before it happens by matching banned patrons to watchlists in as little as 10/100ths of a second. 

Protecting privacy is our focus

With privacy mode activated, and powered by Corsight’s Fortify, AusComply’s artificial intelligence features meet the strict standards required by the EU GDPR data protection laws.

End-to-end safety and compliance solution

Already trusted by leading venues, groups and security firms across Australia, AusComply streamlines the compliance workflow with a digital incident register, checklists  sign-in register, document management and centralised real-time analytics – all available via your mobile device or desktop.

AusComply Premium takes you to the next level. Whether you’re an existing customer or new to digital compliance, we’d love the chance to demonstrate how we can help your business efficiently meet your obligations, demonstrate a culture of compliance, improve safety and minimise risks.

Let us show you how we can help

If you have questions about AusComply or would like to tee up a free no-obligation demo, we’d love to hear from you.