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While governments around the world grapple with their next moves, businesses and individuals alike are being asked to demonstrate ‘social responsibility’. We’re all being asked to ‘do our bit’ or ‘contribute’, but what exactly does that mean for the hospitality and security industry?
Like a scene from an old western, local licensing police burst through the saloon doors, security guards bristle and publicans take cover. Of course we exaggerate, but surely we can do better than this. If both sides see each other as the bad guys, everyone loses. Perhaps now is the time to rewrite the script?
With recent media rightly focused on covering Australia’s devastating fires, the removal of lockouts from 14 January seems to have gone under the radar. It’s surprising and, to be quite honest, a little unsettling how little discussion has been circulating through social and mainstream media about the potential impact of these changes.
After a big slap down in 2013, the NSW Government has extended an olive branch to the industry by relaxing the lockout laws from January 14. We campaigned for it, we insisted the laws were over the top, now it’s up to us to prove that we can deliver a culture of safety and compliance. They put their trust in us very publicly, we must not betray it. 
With a spotlight on our drinking culture nationally, tightening regulations, and lockout laws grabbing headlines in Sydney and other areas, the pressure is on venues large and small to demonstrate an environment of compliance and safety.
If you’re still battling with printed books to manage compliance for your venue, no doubt you’ve rightly considered going digital. While the benefits are substantial and well worth the move, it pays to do your homework before you push the button. Use the checklist below to make sure you tick all the boxes.
Paul Walker runs the iconic Palace Hotel in Sydney’s CBD. As a late-night venue in the lockout zone next to Chinatown, safety and compliance are top priorities. We tracked him down to ask how he handles compliance in the new world of changing laws and media scrutiny. In true ‘publican’ style, he didn’t hold back! Watch now.
Palace Hotel in Sydney’s CBD just became the first venue to be granted an exemption to the lockout laws including the service of alcohol, when it was granted permission to host fans for the broadcast of the 3am All Blacks vs Argentina rugby union game.
The world is riding a technology wave and clubs, pubs and hotels can become overwhelmed by the abundance of choices that are now available. When presented with new technology, there are some basic questions to ask to get the ball rolling.
The hotel industry remains dominated by small owner-operators with limited resources, and compliance with the various regulatory and legislative requirements can be a burden on both time and productivity.

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