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At AusComply we passionately believe that a diverse and dynamic industry builds social connection and community, creates attractive places to live and work, and encourages businesses to invest and grow.

Research out of NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) has confirmed the displacement of violence from Sydney’s ‘locked out’ entertainment zones, further confirming the flaws in the laws. Displacement of alcohol-fuelled violence to precincts around the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross has shown a statistically significant increase – 12 per cent in the immediate surrounds and 17 per cent in some nearby precincts.
Relaxation of the city’s lockout laws for venues promoting live music has left the door ajar for a new industry push to have conditions revoked on a case-by-case basis. A group of high-profile hoteliers and property owners have joined forces with AusComply to lobby the State Government for a further mitigation of lockout laws for venues who can prove they are playing by the rules.
The City Safe campaign started collecting signatures for its petition to the NSW Government while participating in the latest Keep Sydney Open rally. AusComply directors Jason Thomas and Clive Dillen have become the public faces of the movement, and were at the rally with other volunteers collecting signatures for the petition.
A lobby of roughly 20 Sydney hoteliers and other stakeholders has formed the City Safe proposal – a strategy that will see manifestly compliant venues push for exemptions to lockout legislation. Jason Thomas and Clive Dillen, directors of AusComply, have volunteered to work as the public faces of City Safe movement.
In a special article for the Australian pub industry, Sam Coffey offers a staged solution he believes will see business improve to standards higher than prior to the lockout trade restrictions, including increased revenue and patron experience, and a safer, happier, more productive community, with an increased experience of wellbeing.

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