Working hard to create a thriving and safe industry

At AusComply we passionately believe that a diverse and dynamic industry builds social connection and community, creates attractive places to live and work, and encourages businesses to invest and grow.

A troupe of stakeholders has banded together to put to government a strategy allowing recognised ‘safe’ venues exemptions to Sydney’s notorious lockouts and trade restrictions. AusComply is putting its unconditional support toward the plan, having seen first-hand the difference the electronic monitors can make.
The Pub Leaders Summit provides attendees with the opportunity to discuss and enquire about a variety of different products and services that will be beneficial to their venue. AusComply was a sponsor of the inaugural Summit in 2016, and took part again in 2017 after the success of the first Summit.
Many students from across the country head to the Gold Coast for a week to let off steam once they graduate from high school. The State Government is committed to ensuring that visitors remain safe during their festivities, by ensuring that compliance officers are more visible throughout the Schoolies period.
While Governments look for legislative answers in the form of tougher legislation, increased regulation and enforcement, greater penalties and restrictive conditions, successfully operating a compliant venue in this evolving environment is becoming diabolical to say the least.
Just eight days since the ill-fated ‘review’ into Sydney’s lockout trade restrictions, plans for ‘Phase 2’ of the solution are gaining momentum. The outcry against the raft of laws that have transformed the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross night-time economy clearly demonstrates the results are not in line with community expectations.

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