End-to-end digital compliance platform

Based on years of research, testing and proven results, AusComply has created a fast, simple and accurate digital incident register and compliance platform that streamlines, automates and simplifies the entire workflow.

It is all managed via an intuitive mobile application that your venue staff, security guards, managers and owners can access via any web enabled device, including their smartphones. You and your staff can record, store, review and analyse incident data in real time.
Using check boxes and template responses, they can instantly record incidents such as refusals and removals, complete checklists like signage and inspections etc, and check off proactive tasks including walkthroughs, perimeter patrols and toilet checks. Staff can view reports in real time and easily send to interested stakeholders.

Digital incident register

Digital incident registers are now approved by regulators to replace printed books in NSW and QLD. AusComply offers the only compliant digital incident register for liquor and security in these states and is also compliant with legislation in VIC, SA and NT.

This means you can replace your paper-based venue and security registers, eliminating duplication and unifying data entry and reporting.

Total compliance management

AusComply is an end-to-end platform to help you track, manage and meet your legislated requirements and demonstrate a proactive and consistent culture of compliance.

Automating the entire process, it can record and securely archive compliance documents and expiry dates such as liquor licences, security licences, council approvals, RSA, training records, first aid and fire safety certificates, accreditations, task lists, checklists and more.

More than just world-class technology

AusComply has been developed based on in-depth industry knowledge, with input from venue and security staff, regulators and incorporating the latest legislation.

Let us show you how we can help

If you have questions about AusComply or would like to tee up a free no-obligation demo, we’d love to hear from you.