Why go digital? Digital compliance for control and confidence

If your role involves managing compliance or security for a venue, chances are you’re using manual, duplicated and inefficient paper-based systems designed decades ago.

While the hospitality industry has embraced technology in many areas – from intelligent point of sale and high-tech gaming machines, to ID scanning, social media and sales analytics – compliance has barely advanced from paper books and notepads in back pockets.

But this is changing fast. For an industry dealing with complex regulations, continual training requirements, an itinerant workforce and serious safety risks, digital compliance systems are now almost essential for avoiding the consequences of simple breaches.

Take control

Taking control of your compliance obligations is the best way to minimise your risks and liabilities today, as well as position you to navigate future changes.

On top of minimising the costs, time, hassles and risks, a digital platform gives you confidence and peace of mind that you are doing all the right things.

Times have changed. Have you?

High-profile incidents, tightening regulations, lawsuits, community pressure and intense media scrutiny have created a perfect storm for the liquor and security industries, and a daily challenge for venues to balance compliance and other business pressures.

In today’s environment, understanding and meeting your obligations has never been more important, or more complex. The pressure is on to demonstrate a culture of compliance and safety.

But with evolving regulations spanning local, state and federal governments, onerous reporting has become a legislative burden for small business owners with limited resources. AusComply has turned that burden into an effective business tool.

While compliance is often seen as a box-ticking exercise, smart operators are increasingly getting on the front foot to not only fulfil their obligations, but to run better, safer and more profitable businesses using digital incident registers and compliance tools.

Ask yourself:
Are your paper-based processes an asset or a liability?

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